28 March 2018

"Corporate courage, between present and future"

On Wednesday, 7th March 2018 Keyline hosted the “Coraggio d’Impresa: tra presente e futuro” event, a round table with our sole manager, Ms Mariacristina Gribaudi, Mr Riccardo Donadon, founder and managing director of H-Farm and Mr Alberto Baban, Chairman of Venetwork S.p.A..

Mr Giampietro Bizzotto, Mr Gianpaolo Pezzato and Mr Domenico Lanzillotta were also there to present their books on the future as seen from the perspective of companies that are courageous and challenge the future with innovation and creativity. The event started with free guided tours of the Museo della Chiave Bianchi 1770, which met with considerable success and interest on the part of the participants. Corporate culture and culture in the company are two strategic factors which add value and more to an enterprise.