10 February 2018

Prospero Bianchi's Vision

The video dedicated to Prospero Bianchi, the fourth generation of the Bianchi locksmiths who have now reached the eighth generation and have been making keys since 1770, is timeless. The undisputed hero of a history that succeeded in joining tradition and innovation, Prospero lived between the XVIII and XIX centuries, in a time of change and modernity. He was a visionary and a herald of novelty who, in the Cibiana di Cadore mountains, where everything started, had the wonderful idea of creating a catalogue with the design of all the keys produced in his family’s workshop. Technical skills and Liberty graphics make this, the most ancient keys catalogue in the world, extremely valuable. His desire to make his family’s activity known in the new Italian State and abroad led Prospero to realise the importance of effective communication: this is the reason why this catalogue can be considered evidence of a “pioneering” marketing campaign and a clear instance of how passion and courage can be the right ingredients to anticipate the future. 

We look forward to welcoming you at the Museo della Chiave Bianchi 1770, where you will be able to leaf through Prospero Bianchi’s catalogue.